The “Spot” Appraisal Program

Atlas Appraisals Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new way for Real Estate agents, sellers, and buyers to overcome one of the most common hurdles in a purchase transaction, pricing the home correctly.

Atlas Appraisals will perform a “Spot” appraisal on a sellers’ property prior to, or during a listing to assure a fast and hassle free purchase transaction. Typically the appraisal is completed once a contract is accepted and the buyers’ lender requests an official appraisal.

A spot appraisal, however, will provide you will a fair market value of your home before a home is under contract. Having an accurate valuation of your home before a contract is drawn up will increase your chances of selling the home quickly without just giving it away and help to decrease the amount of time the home sits on the market.

Benefits of getting a “Spot” Appraisal

It’s a great way to get the seller and the agent on the same page for listing a home!

A spot appraisal gives both parties a starting point when discussing the sometimes difficult task if setting a listing price and provides a valuation of the home from a 3rd party independent appraiser available for potential buyers to view.

Atlas Appraisals will perform a new appraisal once the contract terms are accepted for the buyer and the lender of their choice at no cost.

Knowing the correct value of the home Speeds up the buying process because a very important element of the home buying/selling process is already done, the value is determined.

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    Founded in 2001 Atlas Appraisals Inc. is the market leader in residential real estate appraisals in Maricopa County.

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    We are your FHA appraisal specialists with over ten years of experience. We also specialize in conventional, bankruptcy, divorce, litigation and appraisals for listing purposes.

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    The key to our success is the quality appraisal reports we are known for and the time in which we deliver them- within 48 hours after inspection.