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Brian Sterling, Realty Executives
I want to thank you for all your help with the sale of the Goeman property. This property was listed for $437,000 for six months because the owners wouldn’t budge on their price. They were convinced that the house was actually worth $490,000 because that’s what their neighbor sold their home for. Once you completed your appraisal and spoke with Mr. Goeman regarding the current state of the market, Mr. Goeman decided to drop his listing by $15,000 and the house FINALLY sold in 14 days. You helped take the guess work out of the pricing and helped convince Mr. Goeman that dropping the price would actually help move the property and save him more money in the long run. I can’t thank you enough. I will definitely be using your company for my future listing.

We’ve all had them! The headache client that believes there home is worth way more than it is. One particular client I had was nearly impossible to deal with, even after almost a year on the market. He believed his house was worth $600,000 when the reality was it was a $500,000 house. Just when I was about ready to give up on the sale I received a flyer from Atlas Appraisals and decided to give them a call. They explained their spot appraisal program to me and I was sold. It took a little while but I was finally able to convince the client to get an appraisal on the house to see what the true market value was. Mark came out and did the appraisal and just as I suspected the appraisal came in at $510,000 and the seller finally was willing to drop the price. Within 7 days we had a contract!!!! Mark came back out and updated the appraisal for the buyer’s lender at no additional cost!! I’ve since gotten appraisals on several of my listings, what a great tool to have in this volatile market.

Heather Nelson
I just wanted to thank Atlas Appraisals for their help in selling my property. I needed to get the most out of my property and it was sitting on the market for months. I saw Atlas Appraisal’s advertisement and called to get some advice. They recommended I have a spot appraisal done to get my estimated market price and that I probably had it listed to high. I was shocked to see how much my property had lowered from my last appraisal only 2 years ago! I had a open house and had the appraisal sitting on the counter for everyone to see and I received a offer that day! If it wasn’t for Atlas Appraisals I would still be sitting waiting for my house to sell for an unrealistic price. The buyers really liked that they could use the appraisal on the purchase of the property too. That was the best investment I made in a long time.

Robert Tindell, eWave Realty, Designated Broker
I have used Atlas Appraisals on a number of occasions and have always found them to be courteous, prompt and at a great price. Just recently I started using their Spot Appraisal program when I take listings and it has helped out tremendously! I leave it to Atlas to show the sellers what the home is worth and I get to take solid listings without any of the price hassles. Atlas makes my life easier, Thanks guys!

Julian Dean, Sienna Mortgage, LLC
If you are in search of a professional and qualified appraiser in these unsure times, look no further than Atlas Appraisals. I was first introduced to Atlas appraisals 7 months ago when I needed a second appraisal for a client who was purchasing a $1,500,000 home.Like most jumbo loans, the underwriter was requesting two appraisals for the same transaction and my client was not happy about this. I received Jim Clevenger’s name from a colleague and figured I would give them a shot. Well, I was happy I did. Not only did Jim provide us with a second appraisal that supported our value, but he also found several mistakes in the original that could have held our deal up or possibly got it kicked out. I truly believe Atlas Appraisals saved this deal. Now, every deal I have goes to Atlas. They truly are the best. They are extremely knowledgeable in underwriter guideline changes and adjust their appraisals accordingly. They will save you time and money and often times, help you lock down your deal.

Martin Bebout, Surrey Mortgage Group
I am happy to give the gentlemen at Atlas Appraisals my highest recommendation. Having been in the mortgage business for many years I have had more than my share of headaches with appraisers. Since dealing with Jim and his crew I must say that I don’t take nearly as
much aspirin. Not to mention that on many occasions they have been able to come through
for me when I needed an appraisal in a rush. They always seem to be one step ahead of the underwriters, thus I very rarely receive underwriter stipulations on their reports. They have exhibited excellent communication in dealing with me and my processors over the years, never leaving us in the dark about value. A lot of appraisers may say that they can hit a value only to have the appraisal rejected, therefore wasting my time. Jim and his crew are always honest and up front in dealing with us. They also have always been professional in dealing with my clients. I look forward to continuing my business relationship with Atlas Appraisals!

“My Appraisal in 4 Hours!” Tony Cramer, Mortgage Planner
Working in the lending industry for over 7 years I have seen L.O’s , Banks, Appraisers and Brokers come and go. Jim Clevenger the owner of Atlas Appraisal has always exceeded my expectations when it comes to his expertise which is jumbo appraisals. I had a processor that didn’t confirm that a fax was received by Atlas Appraisals. She told me everything was under control, and I asked her if everything was signed off on so we could go to docs, I knew the lock was going to expire and rates had really taken a turn for the worse.
I called Atlas Appraisals and told them we didn’t receive the appraisal (I figured an e-mail error or something). Jim Said “I never received the order.” My Mouth Dropped! I was in a bind, because the customer was very hard to handle. I said “Jim I am going to need this by noon or my lock is going to expire and I am going to lose this loan.” Well that was at 8:15 am, “I will see what I can do, refax the order.” and hung up. I faxed it at 8:17am and at 12:03pm the same day I was looking at a complete and great looking appraisal! It was not slapped together, this was something that would go through underwriting no problem! Jim also came in $10,000 higher than expected! I would recommend Atlas Appraisals to anyone who is looking for good people that do good work. In this time of adversity, it is good to know I don’t have to worry about my appraiser screwing up my deal! Thanks Jim!

Scott Asbrow, Scottsdale, AZ
I wanted to write and tell you thank you for all your diligent work on our appraisal. As I am sure you remember, our home is located in a rural area of the Valley and the construction is quite unique to say the least. After 4 attempts by other appraisers and several $1000 later we were finally able to close the loan. We wish we had stumbled across your company first. Atlas Appraisals was able to not only accurately appraise our home and land for the purchase price, your value actually came in higher than expected. It was evident that you took the time and effort needed to search the area thoroughly and accurately and analyzed each comparable completely. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work. Without your efforts, we most likely would not own our dream home today. We are very much looking forward to spending our first Christmas here and couldn’t be happier.

G. Ryan Lee, Investment Loan Consultant, State Mortgage
Atlas Appraisals has been a major factor in the success of our business. They are a great partner to have, especially in a difficult market. Their turn times have saved deals for us and their knowledge and insight of market conditions have been a huge factor in our transactions. Their staff is very professional and they are always competitive with fair pricing.

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