How to Successfully Appeal Your Phoenix Property Tax Assessment

By jim • January 25th, 2011

In Arizona,

The Maricopa County Tax Assessor’s office assigns values to real properties once every three or more years. Many homes today have assessments from the market’s 2007 and 2008. These valuations are currently being reflected in taxpayers’ bills as a result. Now homeowners are filing a record number of property-tax appeals and the nonprofit advocacy group, The National Taxpayers Union, expects property-tax bills to be out of sync with the reality of the market.

Anyone who pays property taxes has a right to file an appeal and If successful, will result in a lower assessed value. This often translate into a sizable reduction in property taxes. To file an appeal, visit the Maricopa County Property Tax Assessors Office and download the required forms. Also note the due days- often 90 Days after receipt of your assessment. The more evidence that you can provide the Assessors office with in your case, the higher your chances of a successful appeal–and good documentation always helps to make a very strong case.

Three strategies will help you to successfully appeal your property taxes:

1) Correct The Obvious
For instance: most communities still use drive-by inspections and the tax assessor may have made a mistake when evaluating your property, say if they assumed the home had more bedrooms, bathrooms, or improvements than it actually does. Correcting errors in the size of the lot or the home itself will often result in substantial tax savings.

2) Compare Your Property
Do research on similar properties- many of which you can access directly at The Maricopa County Assessors Real Property Tax Appeal section. If you can find at least five in your area that carry lower assessments, your appeal will be significantly strengthened. The more these properties resemble yours in size, location, upgrades, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the better.

3) Get an Unbiased Expert
While there are no shortage of talented and qualified Real Estate Agents, Attorneys and other’s who can also help you make your case with the state, at the very least get a recent and thorough home appraisal, much like the one you received when you bought your home before the bank would make a loan on it. Use a certified and well recommended Appraisal company and the document they produce will be an informative, unbiased and significant evidence of your homes actual value.

Whatever you do, don’t wait! File an appeal today, because the Maricopa County Tax Assessors office limits refunds to the prior year’s tax bill and the savings going forward only- you won’t obtain a rebate for over-payments made over the years, which can be huge if not properly adjusted promptly.

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By Dierks Bentley on February 1st, 2011 at 9:33 pm

If I had my property taxes reduced, would it affect my ability to borrow on the property as well? I always got fairly regular appraisals on my properties anyways, just to establish current value and identify any upgrades/repairs i can make to increase the value, but as an investor I also have my eye towards the value as a tool to borrow if I have it mostly or all paid off. I still say reducing the taxes is wise financial thing to do as well, in any market really, although usually you have little control over that!

That’s a good question for your financial advisor, as this is completely based on the borrower, not just the property,


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